Cay Bond

Trend analyst, writer, journalist, lecturer and curator
Became Officier de l´Ordre du Mérite for my work with the french fashion culture in 2015

My work consists in analyzing sociocultural movements in society in order to understand and explain the development of design, technology and the conduct on the market. The speed of changes in the present can be devestating, however there is also new space and understanding for craft and art that require time.

Form and function ethics and aesthetics are real values followed by environment and sustainability. The economic system is forced to change as well as the consumer society. It’s a logical development after overproduction and overconsumption. Highly respected economic brains like Joseph Stiglitz, Globalization a failure, Hermain Daly Ecologic Economy, Amartaya Sen Ethics in Economy and now Thomas Piketty are announcing the costs for fast growth and urging a change in the capitalistic system. Important is to follow the new women’s movements which will bring the world democracy.

I have a passion for culture, arts and talents as a result of my life long experience, analyzing the present and the history in society in order to be able to imagine the future.

My studies has taken me to unexpected adventures. To Paris where I got my education and spent half my time and a thirty year long collaboration with the first ”bureau de tendances”, Promostyl, pioneers in the methods behind forecasting. To Vietnam for a couple of years on a mission for the Swedish government investigating the status of production. I fell in love with the people and the country and the food! And I experienced a beautiful culture. I travelled a lot in Asia for some years only to learn essential things.

Foto: Ewa-Marie Rundquist